One Degree More

Jonathan Jordan, a bio of a coach, has created a new website to provide a vehicle for coaching in personal lives and in business life. I like the metaphor that he uses: Applying just one extra degree of temperature to water means the difference between something that is simply very hot and something that generates enough force to power… Read More »

How do you build a good website?

So you’re starting up a blog/website… I would suggest that for visitors the key factors would be speed of loading: not too many graphics, eliminate large unnecessary graphics (esp. those in excess of a few hundred kb); accessibility – is it easy to find the key points in the website; pricing – I HATE browsing websites and finding… Read More »

Small Loan, Big Returns

If you can get a no fax cash advance, then perhaps you don’t have to turn to a family member. But if you can’t, a family loan is a great thing, indeed. I found this to be true. In fact, my father was kind enough when I was out of college to loan me the grand sum of… Read More »

Target: November Stats, 2007

Personal Stats OK. Here it is. My own search for Financial Common Sense and Freedom. Beginning Income (November 2006) US$179.88 PPP = 65% Google = 5% Stocks = 24% Interest = 6% Goal = USD$1,200 Target = 15% Achieved. This is my initial target. I don’t intend to earn a lot of money through PPP as I don’t… Read More »

Useful Password Tip #1

Discussion for: Joomla Administrator’s Security Checklist I may get flamed for this and maybe I deserve it….LOLI am not a big fan of telling people to have 10 different passwords they use… Neither am I a fan of changing these passwords often. Changing on a monthly basis is not really effective as any brute forcing of the password… Read More »

ReviewME vs. PPP: Good potential, different markets

With the advent of paid blogging, several websites now are quite prominent in the field. I recently signed up with ReviewMe and have been invited to give a review of the website. Payperpost’s model for bloggers has been to create a market for the bloggers of offers from advertisers. Certain guidelines are required by advertisers, such as word… Read More »