Our trip to Taichung in Pictures

Last week on Tuesday we took off for a trip around the island and to get away from the rain in the north, and for the most part we succeeded in escaping the rain. I’m including some of the pictures for you to enjoy.


Taichung’s skyline on a sunny day! Yes it was sunny there! And warmish.


Here in the small mountain region near Nantou called Zhushan (because of all the bamboo forests around) we spent a lovely evening and morning in the village. We also stayed at a lovely guest house there, too.


They had lovely little cabins on top of the house and in the bamboo greenery behind the guest house. Our cabin looked like one of these, too. Very nice. You can visit the guest house website to see what it’s like. i do recommend staying there, but book first! The owner and his wife were very generous and kind to us. As usual, I was offered some wine and smokes… pity I don’t do either! Wonderful hosts. And the view in the morning…


The light wasn’t so good, and I under-exposed the surrounding country to get a feel for the distance. Perhaps Craig can give me some tips on this one! This whole area is also famous for its green tea which could be seen all around the valley area.


The following day we visited a lovely and huge country park called Shitou which was huge, peaceful and very natural, despite it being a ‘park’ with roads, paths and restaurants. This picture was taken in the village outside the park entrance.


This is a bamboo bridge built over a pond in the park, and it is a bit scary, but it really works. Bamboo is strong and is used in construction and even in some house walls!


Other visitors in the park that day were also enjoying the pond area. It was so quiet … something that is very untypical of parks on holidays! But then it was COLD!


One of the beautiful flowers taken in the park that day… Anyone see a theme from other trips!?


And one of the most unusual walkways I ever used: it’s filled with woodchips and very comfortable to walk on! There were many such walkways throughout the forest park.


And I’d like to say a big thank you to our friends in Taichung who hosted us so graciously and thoughtfully, Cathy and her husband Lin-Hau. Thanks for being there and showing us around. We miss you!

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