Getting Started Blogging: Inspiration Hits You!

By | February 10, 2007

When the day arrives that you realise that you need your own blog, it can come like a bolt from the blue! “I need a blog!” you cry but how do you get started blogging? Well, this article will look at three free options that you can explore to get you started blogging.

1. Blogger is a great way to get started. Blogger 2.0 is just out of the
3. Yahoo! 360

There are many other blogging tools, as well…,,,,

I do have experience of the first three tools, esp. Blogger is perhaps the easiest to get started if you already have a Google Account. Just login to Blogger, and create your blog in 3 simple steps. There is even a way to create a blog NOT on Blogger, but on your own space. I’m going to try this myself, just to see how it works.
I didn’t much care for Yahoo! 360 yet. It’s too much social network style website with blogging features added, so it has privacy features, ‘friends’ tabs, interacts with Messenger and Groups, etc.. So, for blogging purposes, it’s way overkill. However, it might make a good website to draw traffic to your real blog, because of its social nature.
My favorite, is Again, I have a demo site there that can highlight some of the features, you would want to try. You can find it here, though there’s not much there. WordPress is probably the most advanced of the free blogs because it is a highly tweaked version of WordPress 2.1, with a lot of additional features aimed at blog builders.

I think it probably has the most potential for the beginner, and its easy interface may make this the most attractive of the three options outlined here.

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