Getting Publicity on InvestorBlogger

There are lots of ways to get publicity, traffic and comments for your blog… If you’re looking for a little publicity, you can do any (or all!) of the following things.

1. Submit your blog for a BlogBuzz … it’s easy and fun to do.

2. Comment in the posts, and I’ll visit your blog and leave at least one comment!

3. Drop your Entrecard on my blog, and I’ll see yours. This also appears on my blog in the sidebar where you can get your entrecard widget placed!

4. Drop your article in one of my carnivals and see the linkback in the next edition.

5. Linking: Do link to me, and I’ll surely link back to you.

6.  Buying an advertisement on this blog is also very effective. The most effective ads are in fact those little text ads on the sidebar which can create clickthrough rates in excess of 3% gross.

7. I do offer banner ads for those who would like them, too. Please enquire for rates.

8. You can also be featured in my TopSpots section if you wish.

9. There are also lots of other ways I like to work with bloggers, advertisers and others looking for publicity so do stick around! Take part as you wish, and thank you for reading InvestorBlogger Dot Com.