Foxmarks: Sync your bookmarks across the ‘Net

I’ve been experimenting with Foxmarks. It’s pretty neat. I wish I had discovered it years ago when I really needed it! Now, I have mostly memorized the hundred or so websites I use these days. So it’s not so important. But still I occasionally find pages and sites that I would like to come back to, esp. on pcs that aren’t my main pc, such as the one at work.

Foxmarks works well. It allows me to synchronise my bookmarks across the Internet. Very neat! I don’t have to rely on a website to do that!

You can download the plugin and install on Firefox 1.5 and above. First time use is quite simple, with a quick, painless and efficient registration process. It then syncs your first pc. You can then sync further pcs as you need. Each time your marks will be uploaded, synced and then appear on every net connected pc. That is cool and useful!

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