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E-commerce: Why are some sites so unfriendly to customers?

Cindy, one of my colleagues at my school, has been helping us make some banners for announcements for our upcoming events and Chinese New Year Holiday. She highly recommended the software called 非常好色6是DIY美工創作的必備幫手 which translates roughly as “Very Colorful 6 is a DIY art and creative tool that is a necessary help”. The tool can be used to… Read More »

Dreamhost: is it turning into a nightmare again?

Frustrations of Dreamhost Dreamhost is billing me for bills that don’t exist! I’ve been using their hosting for nearly four years now, but this problem (and no host is without ‘issues’) is vexing. I emailed them questioning them on this. This is just a notice that your DreamHost Account ##### (“*** Account”) has a balance of $40.80 (including… Read More »

FTP: A Brief Introduction to Three FTP Tools for Bloggers

After all my server problems of last week, I relied very much on a Blogger’s Old But Forgotten Friend, FTP. I was reminded of this when Steve Sutherland of dropped by yesterday. Steve’s been one of my customers for a while and I occasionally help him on his work with his forums. In fact, it was work… Read More »

Servers Part II: What is wrong? Or not fixed yet!

OK, I was just checking my logs again today after seeing a couple of odd spikes in activity in the last few hours. I have now decided to bite the bullet, and turn off the plugins en masse, except for three base plugins: PXS Mail Form, wp-cache, and my TLA plugin. Other than that, they’re all going off.… Read More »