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Video News Feature: Asus Eee PC 900 Series

After posting yesterday’s news I found this video on YouTube about the new Asus Eee PC 900. Although the magazine is a HongKong Magazine, called PC Market, the video is entirely dubbed and takes the little pc through some pretty standard show and tell features. There are some great pics of the device on the device page. Do… Read More »

Notebooks vs. desktops: What are we using at work and play?

Portable computing is currently all the rage and now notebooks are beginning to outsell desktops. On Saturday, I was reminded why. I had to move the Server computer just a few feet, but the wiring was unbelievable, just unbelievable. Wiring: now where’s the spaghetti sauce? In school I had to sort out the schools pcs properly, and the… Read More »

When thing’s don’t work… shake things up!

On Thursday and on Friday, I expressed a lot of frustration at an impasse I reached in my bloggings. When caught between a rock and a hard place, it engendered in me the notion that InvestorBlogger dot com has to change. The time is coming. I’ve been quite frustrated with a number of the service providers I use… Read More »

The View from My Desktop: Lots of great apps

This was a view from my desktop yesterday as I was working. I thought I would share some of the software I’m enjoying using at the moment with you all. In the background, of course, there’s Firefox 2.0.11 with an unusual theme. I can’t remember what theme I’m using at the moment in Firefox! Oh, got it! It’s… Read More »

Asus Eee PC: Video overview

Dynamism is a cool website that sells and ships similar devices to dozens of countries. This video provides an overview of the Asus Eee PC, if you haven’t already seen it. Asus Eee PC from Dynamism on Vimeo. Hope you find it informative. I enjoyed it very much. The model illustrated is the new 8GB model with 1GB… Read More »