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Review: U.S. Money Reserve Website and Why Gold is Still Important

Recent news from Greece is bad, but the price of gold has come of recent highs of $1900 per troy ounce. This perspective from Mike Marlow offers some thoughts on this issue. In reviewing the website U.S. Money Reserve it is interesting to note that there has probably never been a more opportune time to invest in and… Read More »

Needing someone to manage YOUR online reputation these days?

After giving a thorough look-through, I was quite impressed by what the site offers. Although I personally am not in need of the services, at least not yet, I believe that what this site provides is essential for a person promoting themselves as a novelist, businessperson, dentist, or any professional who relies on the www for their… Read More »

Do you want to be financially and physically fit?

I really liked reading advice about being financially and physically fit together on a recent online excursion. It seems that the two things can go hand in hand. So I decided to experiment with part of the article Joining a Gym, or Leaving? It seems really obvious that joining a gym and then not going every day isn’t… Read More »

Ovation Credit Services: Does it deserve a standing ovation?

After yesterday’s post on the credit card habits of bloggers, and the results of the survey, a staggering 23% of the bloggers did not know their FICO score. While I’m sure that this was at least partly because some of us lived outside the US, I wondered why the others did not check. In this paid post I… Read More »

Buzz: Blog your way to court with the LA Criminal Law Blog

The LA Criminal Law Blog is run by Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Blog | California Criminal Defense Lawyers Forum is a little dry in most places (it’s law after all!), but a search through its archives some stories that might interest investorbloggers everwhere. There are a couple of posts that examine Consumer Fraud. This is something that affects… Read More »

Buzz: Demerath Law – Nice Design But Get a Privacy Policy

These days, everyone has a website, and so do lawyers. Demerath Law, which specializes as a Nebraska Personal Injury Attorney, is the website of one such law firm which focuses on accidents, including workplace and recreation accidents. The principal lawyer at the firm is Larry Demerath himself. It’s actually a very nicely designed website with lots of links… Read More »

Buzz: Have you checked your credit report?

Following up on this week’s theme of Financial Issues, we’ve looked at Mortgages, Credit Cards, Loans, as well as making a little extra money , it seems fitting that we review, a website that aims to provide “…the best way to sell your home or buy your dream home the FSBO ( For Sale By Owner )… Read More »

Tri-Cities Real Estate: buying and selling great houses

In early April, Colleen Lane contacted me and asked to me to review the Tri-Cities Real Estate website, which you can see at the top of the blog, and in the sidebar. After visiting such a beautifully crafted website, rich in visual media, careful coloring, and pleasing welcome page, I have to say that this website is perhaps… Read More »

Can you budget? It’s not that hard!

If you are having trouble making a budget, you will find that there are lots of good resources available from OneCareCredit who provide lots of ideas on credit counseling. The basic ideas are quite simple: you want to make sure that you are keeping more than you are spending in the long run; that your primary expenses are… Read More »