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Prepaid Cards: Bane or Boon? That depends…

For perhaps the largest selection of prepaid card plans in the industry, you can visit Kaiku ( Kaiku is well known for administrating many prepaid Visa card programs that are responsible for returning many individuals, families and businesses to financial health. No matter how much financial trouble you are in, a prepaid Visa credit card from Kaiku will… Read More »

Should you consider a PayDayLoan or a Title Loan?

Everyone needs some cash at times, whether it’s for emergencies or just to have some fun. If you don’t have a good credit score though, most banks won’t give you the time of day. If this applies to you, consider a title loan on your car. A Title Loan Is… Many people have heard of a title loan,… Read More »

Steps to Renting: Becoming a Landlord

If you remember my previous post about generating additional income, it was quite a long time ago in which I wrote: My wife and I have talked about renting out our current apartment to generate additional income. But we encountered three problems that have so far prevented us from making any success on this: 1. we like it… Read More »

Do you need a seasoned tax attorney? It’s almost tax season!

Shopping for a tax attorney is almost like shopping for shoes. You have to try on a few pairs before you decide on what looks good and what does not. There are different kinds of tax attorneys. So you really need to do your homework. Get Your Taxes Started First, you must decide on whether you are having… Read More »

Human Resources: Be resourceful when looking for HR jobs

Human resources, or more simply “HR”, is an industry within business that many people don’t really know all that much about. However, a career in the field can be both satisfying and financially rewarding. It also happens to be an in-demand job with openings across the country in a wide variety of business fields. Searching for HR Jobs… Read More »

Opportunities: Chemicals Mergers & Acquisitions for Big Players or Small Players?

There’s a lot of buzz about Mergers & Acquisitions in the Stock Markets of the world! However, for the average investor, they can represent both a buying opportunity; and a selling opportunity. The challenge is knowing the difference, as the history of the New York Stock Exchange is littered with the carcuses of mergers that failed, and few… Read More »

Project Management Tools: Does Zoho really make things easier?

I was recently asked to review a website that is well known for its cloud software, and cloud productivity tools. In fact, their software in many ways predates the online efforts of both Google & Microsoft. Enter Zoho, well known for its online productivity tools that started production in 2005. I’ve never used Zoho, so I thought I… Read More »

A Personal Review: Massachusetts Credit Union Website

An associate of mine offered to review the website: Massachusetts credit union, which you can find at So it’s over to you, J. and thank you for taking the time to review this site. Easily Accessible Rates I absolutely loved how easy it was to find the various rates on this website. I have been shopping around… Read More »

How to Find the Best Foreclosure Deals

Because of the struggling economy, many homeownersarefacingforeclosure. If you are looking for a home to buy, you might consider purchasing a foreclosure. This will enable you to buy a home below the market value. Before looking for a foreclosed home, you need to research your options to get a great deal. You can look online at the foreclosure… Read More »