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Business Start-Up Killers or How to close your business in five steps!

Having been in business now for nearly eight years, I recently had pause to consider why typical businesses don’t succeed in the local market in Taiwan or anywhere. This list includes some of my observations: 1. Poor Financing Most business owners here in Taiwan budget enough money to open the business, but they base income projections and the… Read More »

February, 2008: Financial Results – a quiet month

After January’s stellar month, February has really settled back and results are only approximately half of January’s. That is of course to be expected. I had hoped that my free download would entice visitors to download the top twelve subscriptions. Well, it hasn’t quite worked yet. But I’m going to keep plugging it, because I think it’s a… Read More »

Goodbye Adsense, it’s been sweet’n’sour…

Goodbye Adsense, it’s been sweet’n’sour… I’ve had an Adsense Account for a very long time, but it hasn’t really generated much in the way of additional revenue though the nearly annual check for $100 has been a nice supplement in some ways. Oddly, it had been performing better on InvestorBlogger than in a long time with the addition… Read More »

What should you do when you strike it rich? – 7 ways to benefit from windfalls, bonuses, and other ‘found’ money!

Tonight’s episode of Seinfeld was a rerun from the mid-90s when Jerry receives a large check (so large that Kramer is surprised) for his performance . It’s only part one of a two-parter. But it got me wondering about what most people do when they receive a windfall. Management of your new found resources can be a problem;… Read More »