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Payperpost Really Does Help Make Money

I’ve been doing Payperpost on my two blogs since about September 2006. Actually, I was quite skeptical at first over the reliability, trustworthiness, and steadiness of the project. But well, I’ve now earned over $520 from Payperpost alone. That, to me, is amazing, because I’m getting paid to do something that I: 1. love doing; 2. am free… Read More »

Domain Locking: Do you?

Dreamhost sent me their usual newsletter and in it I noticed this: But how? Doesn’t a registrar have to get explicit permission via email to transfer a domain to themselves? ‘Tis true! But somehow, scammers like “Domain Registry of America” … get thousands of people to switch their registrations to them every single month. Which is why we… Read More »

December 2006: Scorecard

Well here are the results for December 2006. I’m still working on the form for the information, but I’ll present it now and tidy it up later. Payperpost $212.17 52.92% Google $7.53 1.88% ReviewME $15.00 3.74% Blogitive $5.00 1.25% Adlinks $13.32 3.32% Stockbroker $74.67 8.63% Hosting $61.54 15.35% Bank A/C Interest $11.66 2.91% Total $400.89 33.41% So, overall,… Read More »