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Capital Loans: a capital idea or not ideal?

As a business owner, your cashflow may not be well balanced: some days/weeks/months it’s all go, but the next day/week/month cashflow stagnates. The business is there, you have clients, but perhaps your client-base is seasonal in nature. Certainly, in ours summer and winter vacation times are SLOW periods. Restaurants, like many businesses, have such a seasonal nature. So,… Read More »

Insuring your car and home: it makes good cents!

I purchased my first car at the age of 39! Now for most people that is quite ‘elderly’ to be the first time to purchase a car, but where we live has mostly excellent transportation via MRT, bus, taxi, etc. so we managed to get by without a car for quite a while. However, owning a car is… Read More »

Airline Credit Cards: Is there really any point?

Having traveled thousands of miles on flights between Asia and Europe, I was stupid not to realize the virtue of air miles. Over the years, I have foregone so many thousands of miles, it’s enough to make me cry all over my credit card statements! Such frequent flyer programs provide regular and long distance flyers with ample bonuses.… Read More »

Wow! Cars ARE expensive…

Well, we bought a new car about 2 years ago. Prior to purchasing the Mazda 323, we were unaware of the total expenses that owning a car would incur. The list is quite long: loan payments taxes repairs oil changes gasoline insurance parking fees … to name just a few. More importantly, we were surprised by the amount… Read More »

Small Loan, Big Returns

If you can get a no fax cash advance, then perhaps you don’t have to turn to a family member. But if you can’t, a family loan is a great thing, indeed. I found this to be true. In fact, my father was kind enough when I was out of college to loan me the grand sum of… Read More »

Assets vs. Liabilities

A reprise of Rich Dad Poor Dad. There has been much discussion of the authenticity of RDPD’s and the background of the author. You can read about that at other blogs: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Liar Dad, Thief.  However, one criticism of the book is below along with my own interpretation of RDPD’s theories. Jeff writes – “You… Read More »

Hong Kong, Taxes and Us…!

Today’s Issue of Steve Sjuggerud’s DailyWealth Hong Kong Adapts to the Brave New WorldOne of our favorite anecdotes about Hong Kong dates back to 2003, when the S.A.R. was mired in doom and gloom (property prices were down –70% from their highs, people were hysterical about SARS…). That year, taxi drivers went on a strike to ask for…… Read More »

Saving Money Online with Digital Coupons, Freebies, and Comparison Shopping

The Internet is a great invention for many different reasons. But, did you know that it can be a great resource for saving you money when shopping? You no longer have to clip coupons out of the Sunday paper; you can find them right at the tip of your fingers just by knowing where to look…! Coupons One… Read More »

Understanding the ABC’s of Credit Card Terminology

Stewart Smith writes about common credit card terms that cause confusion. Some people may think of credit cards as just “plastic money” that are there for their every convenience. What most people do not realize is that if you keep thinking that your credit card will let you get your way when it comes to “financial freedom”, well… Read More »