Buzz: SKY.FM – What a wonderful service

It’s rare that I advertise services that I like, but I have to say I’m doing a trial subscription for SKY.FM radio. It’s $2 for 2 days to see what it’s like. So today, I’m providing a free buzz for them as my way to say ‘thank you’ for making my day better. Thanks Sky.FM and DI.FM.

Despite having a sluggish connection, the music quality sounds that much brighter in higher definitions. I can listen in mp3 streams upto 192Kb, and in AAC upto 64KB.

This is what I’m listening to right now. Oddly I am listening in Windows Media formats at it is now playing the best and most stably. I usually prefer AAC or MP3 at a higher bit-rate on Winamp or XMPlayer.

windows media

It’s really nice. I WILL be signing up for the full service soon! It’s only $4.95 a month, and combined with my Emusic account, it’s pretty much the only legal way for me to download music. I don’t download illegal music at all! Guess that’s nearly NT$8000 that the BIG record companies won’t be earning from me!