Business Thought for the Day: Getting Started 90% of the Battle – Getting Business 10%

By | April 16, 2010

One of the biggest mental hurdles we face when we start any business, website, project, DIY task: we always assume it has to be 100% perfect before we start to get customers. Examples abound of sites and business that spent hours building the perfect widget or wonderful forum only to find that it isn’t making any money at all.

The owners then assume that the product is faulty, and redesign or reorganize the whole business, striving to create the final edition. Guess what? When starting out, often good enough is good enough because in managing any business/website, just making a real start is enough to start the ball rolling.

So if you are stuck in your business plans, perhaps you need to take a concrete action to building a REAL business before you spend too much time tinkering on your products or services. Once you’re up and rolling, you’ll get far more feedback and input than you’ll ever be able to manage!

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