Blogging: The Good, The Bad… Redux

By | December 6, 2006

Here was my original reply. I wrote it on the boards, but never posted it.

Well, thanks a lot.:mad: :confused:

You ask for advice on your blog. Then you are rude to the people who give it to you, make assumptions about ‘what kind of people we are and our political views,’ and scold us. Several of us have tried to jump in and help by sharing our experiences and ideas. I spent nearly an hour reading and writing about your blog last night. If you don’t want to take the medicine, don’t go to the doctor.

Quote: You seem to be wrong as my return numbers are very high. It is new visitors that I’m having a hard time getting.

Sorry about that. But actually, I’m less surprised now. You’ve obviously found a group of like minded people who are quite happy with your blog style. It’s just your blog doesn’t appeal to the majority of people who visit. Nothing unusual there.

Quote: I do all of those. I tend to believe that you disagree with what I say and that drives you to attack my writing and my blog. Which is fine, it just isn’t logical.

Excuse me. “Where did I attack your blog?” You asked for advice. Whether you choose to action my advice is upto you. It is clear that you don’t see problems with your writing. Fine.

Quote: But that is normal from the type of people who wouldn’t agree with what I’m writing. It goes with their territory.

How do you know what I think about [B]what [/B]you’re writing?

No where in my article did I express any political leanings in any direction. Am I left of center? Right of center? Am I libertarian or communist? Am I American or un-American? Am I even American? Is English my first language or Spanish or French or Chinese? Do I like Bush or Clinton or Bush or Gore? Do I vote Republican or Democrat? Do I vote? Am I male or female? Black or white? Young or old? Fat or thin? Do I live in the mid-West, the East Coast, the West or the East? I really don’t think you can make any assumptions about what kind of person I am from the post I wrote before, nor can you make any assumptions about my values.

Mmmm. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

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