August 26th: InvestorBlogger is now 1 year old!

InvestorBlogger is now celebrating one year as this blog, focusing on tech, blogging, and money. It’s quite a celebration as during that year, we passed a number of thresholds… and I’d just like to share them with you.

1. We broke through 100K Alexa for the first time (it’s now about 130K since then, because of a soft summer season). I’m not sure how reliable Alexa really is, because it’s been declining while my real traffic has been rising. Google has recorded an increase in traffic. So…

2. We broke through 100K Technorati Ranking (it’s 95K or so!).

3. We are just this month recording 1,250 Uniques according to Analytics, despite a period of five days where the code on the site was broken!

4. The non-salary money that I have saved since August 26th last year is now just over $5,000 (before any taxes) during that time. I’m sure that blogging helped to put away a considerable amount of that (approx. 50%), but the focus it brought on my finances also paid off.

5. The post count is approximately:

= 176,235 total all words from 1,028 posts
= 171 average words per post
217 (21.1089%) posts contain 300+ words

6. As seen in 105 Countries and Territories worldwide!

7. It’s odd that 54% of my visitors who use Windows actually prefer to visit my blog with Firefox! And only 5% use Vista!

The last few months have been less exciting, perhaps. But when you look back and evaluate the last year, it’s amazing to see how much the blog has grown since then. I’ll have to think of a suitable way to celebrate!

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