BlogDesk v.2.7 updated

I’ve been using BlogDesk for some time as well as WordPress. This time, when I couldn’t access my hard drive for software applications, I found that when I went to the website, that Blog Desk has been updated! Here’s some information on the Change Log: * The SmartUpload makes it easier to upload files when working with media… Read More »

BlogDesk Imaging Tools – Functional, Attractive and Easy to Use

Colleen Lane from Tricities Real Estate recently wrote back asking how I did the pictures on the blog, especially her posting: Thanks! That blog entry is very nice looking. Other that using screenshots, how are you doing the drop shadow, and especially the ‘ragged edge’ look you did on the resources image? Colleen :o) BlogDesk is the secret… Read More »

BlogDesk Saves the Day!

Why I didn’t post anything on January 26th? I spent too long trying to sort out a carelessly deleted post.  I recently lost a sponsored post in the files here by carelessly clicking a comment delete button. Boom! Post gone! I had no archived posts, nothing on a cache, nothing in a cached feed, nothing on Google (too… Read More »

Blogging Software: BlogDesk

Blog Desk is an interesting blog editor. Its website states: Blogging should be simple, but it gets complicated and time-consuming if you are serious about it. BlogDesk makes it easy to write, speeds up lavish processes and assists the author with smart features. And actually, I’d agree with that assessment. I’m using it as I write this post.… Read More »

Blog Editing Tools: 3 great tools plus one.

These days there are so many good blogging tools it’s hard to know which one to use. But there are three that are worth mentioning. Qumana: a blog editor that allows you to use their adservice, too! Of the three tools I like, it’s the ONLY one available as a cross-platform blog editor! BlogDesk: a simpler tool that… Read More »

Four solid reasons to start a blog: audience, content, skill and a feel for business

A couple of months ago I got together with Steve Sutherland, one of my friends in Taipei, who was wondering if he should start a blog or not. If you remember from earlier posts, he runs the Education Agents website, AgentsChat dot com. He was thinking about installing the WordPress software on a separate domain, and starting a… Read More »

The View from My Desktop: Lots of great apps

This was a view from my desktop yesterday as I was working. I thought I would share some of the software I’m enjoying using at the moment with you all. In the background, of course, there’s Firefox 2.0.11 with an unusual theme. I can’t remember what theme I’m using at the moment in Firefox! Oh, got it! It’s… Read More »