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Paypal is getting expensive: But what are the alternatives?

The real beef with Paypal is that fees keep going up. The typical fees are now approaching !0% by my reckoning, and my in some cases exceed 10%. Please can someone else verify this. If you have a sale @ $100, then you have to pay 4.4%+30cents. So that is 4.7%. Now if you convert that to NTD,… Read More »

The British Pound vs. The Dollar

What is going on now? Last year the pound traded at over NT$66, now it is at NT$47 and likely to go to $45 soon. I was in Taipei 101 for lunch, and went upstairs to see the Taipei Stock Exchange which has recently agreed with London’s Stock Exchange on the sale of ETFs. This should be a… Read More »

First Net Worth Statement – September 1995

Yes, after all the turmoil in the markets, I reached a decision. I have decided to blog about my finances in more detail. While the exact extent is uncertain at the moment, I have decided that I need to track the performance of my investments more regularly. A step back in time! In truth, I’ve been keeping (initially… Read More »

Credit Card Spending: What’s your first bill in 2008 like?

Today was the day that my first credit card bill landed on my doorstep with a small thud! Thankfully, for me, the thud was due to the included catalogue, NOT the size of the bill. But with the worsening economy in the US, home to the majority of my readers, the first credit card bills of 2008 couldn’t… Read More »

IRS Fraud: A whole new scam!

InvestorBlogger doesn’t often write about scams, but this time I received one scam email that was quite surprising, but obviously a fraud to me. In Taiwan, there’s been quite a bit of publicity about scams involving overpaid taxes being returned. So the nature of the scam wasn’t new to me. Still, if you receive an email looking like… Read More »

When it’s hot in Taiwan, what do you do?

When it’s hot in summer, it’s HOT! Temperatures during the summer days are a hot and sultry 35C, it cools off at night, too. But not that much. Night time is a relatively cool 28-30C! So what do the locals do to keep cool…? Well, let’s follow my charming wife as she finds her way to a local… Read More »

How to lose customers: Pandora.com

Pandora’s service is without comparison: it allows you to find musical styles and within that research wonderful new artists that you wouldn’t otherwise find. This is what the website says about itself: Pandora is a music discovery service designed to help you enjoy music you already know, and to help you discover new music you’ll love. It’s powered… Read More »