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Credit Card Bills for October 2008 – Woops!

Well, it is true,… all good things must come to an end, and just as I ended the summer in Hyde Park in London, then came back to Taiwan… so the last of my summer trip bills are coming due. And the total damage isn’t pretty. So here goes… The bill can be divided into three sections: vacation… Read More »

Vivid Skies: Sunday Trips in Northern Taiwan

Today’s trip was the result of a fortunate coincidence: great weather with clear skies, good company and something to celebrate. We started off at the Taipei University of the Arts where we had a big nosh up replete with steak, salad, cheesecake, etc.. After lunch, we wandered around the campus and enjoyed the lovely views over Taipei City.… Read More »

Missing in Action: The following keys from my keyboard; V, A, C, A, T, I, O, N

(ed. Backed date post to January 29th. Written February 2nd.) This is more of a personal post: I haven’t posted for the past few days, and I bet some of you are wondering why… Ok. I have to tell the truth: It’s hard but I can do it. I think. These past four days: I’ve been looking for… Read More »

Did this drive you around the Benz?

We were at Taipei’s 101 Shopping Mall, on the 4th floor where we discovered that there two new coffee shops and a Harper’s Bazaar exhibition with a very unusual exhibit. Pictured below… how would you like to drive one of these? Is it enough power to turn the ladies’ heads, John? This is my Moon Festival Car of… Read More »

July 21st is here… time for a little break!

For those of you who noticed, and amid much apologies for not posting, I’m just letting you all know that Christine and I are taking a much needed break. I’ll be posting a few days’ behind for the next week or so as we won’t have continuously good access to the Internet, and sometimes I just want to… Read More »

Fun making “InvestorBlogger” business cards at 123Print.com

Do you have a business card for your job? If not, why not? Do you have a business card for your blog? No?! I don’t either. But business cards are extremely handy for giving out. They save you hunting for a piece of paper and a pen to write down a telephone number, they look good, and they… Read More »