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Holiday Time in Taiwan

If you’re wondering why there haven’t been so many posts yesterday and today, I’d like to redirect you to one of my friend’s blogs. The pictures explain half the story. It’s holiday time here… And it’s a big holiday this year! It’s Dragon Boat Festival with tons of dragon boat racing in Taipei and a HUGE religious festival… Read More »

Business the Taiwanese Way 101

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, I’m actually based in Taiwan . I’m married to a local lady, and we live in Tamsui, which is a lovely sea town north of Taipei. We live in the town, but we are very near some beautiful natural environments, riverside and mountains! So if you see us,… Read More »

The Daily Latte

How the money goes…? Yes, those $3 a day habits do really add up! Let’s see: $3*365 = $1095 per year. That doesn’t include the overpriced confections, cakes or cookies. So you could really save quite a lot of money this way! I used to enjoy going to *$ onholiday in the UK. The sandwiches were fresh and… Read More »