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Buzz: Craig is in the News!

This post is the second in my series of buzzes for blogs in 2008! In 2006, Craig contacted me about helping him host his website and gallery. With the changes at Flickr, this is looking like a smart move on his part… esp. if Microsoft get their hands on Flickr. They’ll surely kill it, just as they destroyed… Read More »

Drive in Taiwan – if you DARE!

Would you dare… if you saw this on the road? I was just chatting to some new friends who live in the same building as we do. They just came to Taiwan a few months ago, and we were comparing how we did the driving tests (esp. the written paper!). In Taiwan, if you don’t bring an international… Read More »

Buzz: Michael Turton’s – The View From Taiwan

The winner from last week’s competition about TaiChung is Michael Turton who guessed correctly that I was taking the picture from the 25th floor of the Splendor Hotel in Taichung. We actually stayed in the more affordable rooms on the other side of the main entrance, but we both like the hotel and the rooms quite a lot,… Read More »

Guess the picture: Where in Taiwan?

Updated: Competition – Win a FREE Review! This snap was taken from outside the window of a building in Taichung City. Can you guess which floor it was taken from? The answer lies between 1st and 101st. Guess correctly, and I’ll publish on InvestorBlogger dot com a full review of your website within 7 days. Answers by Sunday… Read More »

Missing in Action: The following keys from my keyboard; V, A, C, A, T, I, O, N

(ed. Backed date post to January 29th. Written February 2nd.) This is more of a personal post: I haven’t posted for the past few days, and I bet some of you are wondering why… Ok. I have to tell the truth: It’s hard but I can do it. I think. These past four days: I’ve been looking for… Read More »

Advice Column: Your House Is Not YOUR ATM Machine

Judging by the number of posts that I have done on issues like secured loans, secondary mortgages, refinanced house loans, homeowner loans, etc.., you could be forgiven for mistaking that I wholeheartedly support them. But I do not. It really depends on who is borrowing, how much they are borrowing, what they are paying, why they need the… Read More »

The Tea Kingdoms: Hong Kong, China and Taiwan

This story caught my eye! Novel ways in which Chinese tea companies can compete with Starbucks, and Coca Cola. I’ve already looked at the tea business in Taiwan, but this video story follows up quite nicely. Enjoy!

Newsbits and bytes: Ooo, Cows, Banking, and MT

After fixing my own wordpress install , I can get back to business with posting some stuff… OpenOffice.org It seems that OpenOffice is now updated to version 2.3.1. I downloaded it last night after I saw the nag screen. I’m not really sure what was fixed… but the website writes: The OpenOffice.org Community announces the immediate availability of… Read More »

Sunday Newsbytes: EeePC, BlogDesk, and good food!

It’s morning time in the US, late evening in Taiwan. A Delicious Meal: Needn’t be Expensive to be Delicious We really didn’t do much today, but we had a lovely dinner last night at one of our favorite restaurants Dante’s (not the coffeeshop by that name), located on the campus of the National Taipei University of the Arts… Read More »