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Google Docs Tip: Including Published Spreadsheets

I have published several Google Documents on my Google Account but couldn’t figure out how to publish them ON MY BLOG. Well, there is an easy way to do this, it is an <iframe>. It works simply. Remember to add the width=’x’ and height=’x’ and frameborder= ‘x’ where x is a number of pixels. I usually use a… Read More »

Looking for financial and economics stats about Taiwan?

I was surfing banking sites in Taiwan looking for a bank with a reasonable website that I could use, given my already limited Chinese proficiency. I didn’t find a site yet that I can use, apart from Citibank. But I did find some statistical information courtesy of the Bank of Taiwan. Unfortunately, the website is only really functional… Read More »

Kiva: A Charity Worth Giving For

Hi, Dear Reader! If you haven’t already heard about Kiva, then read about it here. I want to recruit you to my lending team, Taiwan Gives, on Kiva, a non-profit website that allows you to lend as little as $25 to a specific low-income entrepreneur in the developing world. You choose who to lend to – whether a… Read More »

Citibank 3 – HSBC 0: Not all banks are the same

I had been a customer of HSBC for a few years in HongKong, then in Taiwan when I transferred my account to Taipei. I thought “Great!” Finally a bank in Taiwan that understands international clients, a bank that has good service, a bank that excels in providing good products. Was I wrong? YES on 2 out of 3… Read More »

Feeds on InvestorBlogger: Dollar Travels, Blogging Travails, Taiwan, and much more…

With the new software I’m using and a couple of plugins, I have been endeavouring to bring both summaries and full-posts to my readers as they wish. However, recently things went awry. I was able to spot the situation before it got out of hand! But it resulted in double posting in the main feed. What feeds can… Read More »

Dinnae Fret! We’re still here!

The blog is still here, but we’re undergoing some wee changes… If you really would like to see the ‘old’ blog… everything is still there, just click here. To visit the main blog… just click here. To visit the original categories: Asides Blogging Buzz carnival of making real money Dow Jones Stocks Expenses General Stuff Little Pleasures Making… Read More »

Friday Foto: Overlooking Guandu Farms towards the South of Taipei

This image is one of my favorites spots for gazing over Taipei. You’ll find that it’s taken on a day when you can see the mountains in the South, lots of clouds, and you can make out the buildings! The image isn’t crystal clear, but I didn’t have a good lens! I really should learn to take good… Read More »

Why can’t British retailers succeed in Taiwan?

Another British retailer bites the dust in Taiwan, and the list of failures gets longer… TESCO – sold out to Carrefour; BOOTS – merged counters and business with Watson’s; Marks & Spencer – Now closing; Mothercare – only a few stores in Taiwan; … can anyone add to this list? In the rush to expand, many British companies… Read More »

July 4th: Taiwan welcomes cross straits direct flights – but what about all the other problems?

While America celebrates the 4th of July, Taiwan is celebrating its own July 4th – the first direct (legal) cross-straits flights since 1949. Ma Ying-Jeou’s new government recently announced the easing of cross-straits relations, and has brought in something of a warming of cross-straits ties after years of stalling by the previous Chen and Lee administrations. While it’s… Read More »