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Why I quit Izea, Payperpost and SocialSpark

About two and a bit years ago, I started working for a company that was called PayPerPost. In essence, it was a simple concept: get advertisers to pay bloggers for posts about products and services that interest them. Over the past two years, I blogged on a huge variety of opportunities for PayPerPost (and much less so, SocialSpark).… Read More »

June Income Report on InvestorBlogger Dot Com

It’s July 1st, we’ve reached the half-way through the year, and the stockmarkets are in a dive, ad revenues are falling, and oil is way up! How are we doing on InvestorBlogger? Well, in some ways it’s a very mixed bag.. here goes… Background In June, as many of you know, I spent nearly a week re-arranging the… Read More »

Tuesday’s News on InvestorBlogger: WordPress 2.5, Social Spark, Hosting and more

Before I ramble on today’s postings, here’s a quick recap from the previous few days. In Recent News This review of recent posts starts of with the results from the Presidential Election from Taiwan 2008 in which the incumbent party got its ass kicked sharply, and we now have a new president-elect. This should bode well for business,… Read More »