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Do you need a seasoned tax attorney? It’s almost tax season!

Shopping for a tax attorney is almost like shopping for shoes. You have to try on a few pairs before you decide on what looks good and what does not. There are different kinds of tax attorneys. So you really need to do your homework. Get Your Taxes Started First, you must decide on whether you are having… Read More »

That’s $900 off! Twisting Language in the Stores of America

Have you ever looked at advertisements carefully? Next time you do… look carefully at the wording, and how they twist common words and phrases that play with your ideas. Amazon is by no means unique in this respect. Let’s take a classic example: You’ll notice in the ad how we are encouraged to ‘save money’. That’s a great… Read More »

Not your typical Costco – or is it?

A surefire way for me to break the monthly budget is to go to Costco! Taiwan is now blessed (or cursed) with five branches, including a newly opened one in TaiChung County. I’ve been a member for a few years now, and an advocate since I discovered their hotdogs a few years earlier! Of course, having a car… Read More »

Panasonic, Prada and Perspectives: Change isn’t that hard, is it?

Flower shopping: a whole new world view!  Just yesterday, I went with Christine to a flower market in Taipei. This is something I normally hate doing, but this time something twigged: I may not appreciate the enjoyment and satisfaction she has from growing and keeping plants, but I could enjoy another aspect that I already knew about –… Read More »

2007 IT Month Show in Taipei: People, Products, and Pi-zzaz!

It’s NOT Computex, there’s no John Chow… and there are no freebies for you guys! (This time!…) Today was the last day for the 2007 IT Month Show in Taipei, and I went along to see what was going on, to do a little ‘bargain’ shopping and get some snaps of some cool devices… Unfortunately, most of Taipei… Read More »

Car Photos on Finance + Tech Blogs: is it de rigueur?

Well, it seems so. I had my first opportunity to take a picture of a car when we were on holiday last week! This was taken at 101 in Taipei, in the first floor of the shopping mall. Can you identify this car? Of course, this beast should be on the road, not stuck in a shopping mall!… Read More »