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Penny Stocks: What does an 80% decline tell you about this company?

I have been tossing these Spam emails for a while, but this one I decided to take a look at. I have no idea why anyone would trust an email from a company with one name in the link and another in the email address. That’s the second sign of a problem! Let’s take a look at the… Read More »

Purchasing Domains: Yahoo! Domains for Small Business

Dont’ use Yahoo! Domains, or you could find yourself paying nearly $35 bucks a year for the domain once the term is up! I was about to register a domain for this blog, and noticed the text on the frontpage which says: “$9.95/year for your first term (terms available 1-5 years) $34.95/year after.” In the agreed number of… Read More »

IRS Fraud: A whole new scam!

InvestorBlogger doesn’t often write about scams, but this time I received one scam email that was quite surprising, but obviously a fraud to me. In Taiwan, there’s been quite a bit of publicity about scams involving overpaid taxes being returned. So the nature of the scam wasn’t new to me. Still, if you receive an email looking like… Read More »