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Seinfeld Reruns: George Costanza’s Wallet!

On StarWorld TV, we’re being treated to reruns of Seinfeld, a lot of which I have never seen. After publishing pictures of my wallet earlier, I was (not!) surprised to learn that George Costanza also has big wallet syndrome.   photo credit: destinelee If you haven’t seen that episode, you really should. It’s hilarious. (Sorry, there’s no segment… Read More »

Buzz: ManyBooks dot net – really does have many books!

I recently stumbledupon this interesting website called ManyBooks.net that I thought I would give a quick buzz posting because of the wealth of information on it. With the increasing amount of restrictions being placed on media, including movies, music, on the Internet; and the serious likelihood that books, magazines and newspapers will eventually be similarly limited by IP… Read More »

Getting Started in Publishing: DIY is the way to go!

For those of you enticed into the world of Marketing/selling teaching materials: self-publishing, I was very intrigued with the posting and the poster, because of his unusual methods for getting started. Instead of writing a book and contacting a publisher, and hoping that the publisher might even read his book, this author turned the tables on the publishing… Read More »