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Monday News: A Carnival, Tidying Up, Chinese New Year and our 1st Martian Reader

What you’ve missed here… Saturday Bytes: WMV to FLV and FireFox’s Causing Me Frustration Technorati: Why you should bother, how you do it, and the ‘dark side’ NetWork Solutions: How YOU can gouge your customers in 10 steps or less – a case study and our new Advice Column: Your House Is Not YOUR ATM Machine For the… Read More »

Can you save electricity? Is it worth it?

When summer comes hot, as it usually is in Taiwan, the local electricity company takes advantage of the extra demand by increasing the electricity price. At this time of year, everyone becomes more conscious of the electricity that their family or business use. In Taiwan, domestic electricity consumption during most of the year is limited (domestically) to lights,… Read More »

IBackup.com: essential service for your business, and inexpensive

Does your business or home business adequately back up its data? Let’s imagine a scenario where one day you go into work, and all your pcs are gone! Not only have you lost the hardware (which can be replaced at some expense, perhaps even with an insurance policy), but your data is likely gone, too. Who’s going to… Read More »