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PR vs PPP: who is winning the war?

I started writing this story just before the recent updates began on August 24th or thereabouts… Some facts have since changed (eg. my PR is now ZERO again!) This is a bit of a ramble because I’m tired. But then this issue has been around for months, and never seems to subside: PPP vs. PR – Why PPP… Read More »

PageRank: an intro, making money with PR, and recent controversy

Since yesterday’s post on Alexa and whether it really works , today we’re turning our attention to PageRank, though I hardly need to introduce it here. I’ve already written about it in a number of posts this past few months. You can search the archives to find out more about it… PageRank: Arbitrary but Worthy? By now, if… Read More »

How DID being dependent on GOOGLE change our blogging?

So How DID being dependent on GOOGLE change our blogging? I’ve been pondering this for a few days, and while many of us were reluctant to give into Google’s demands on ‘no_follow’, while they could wave the PR stick over our heads, we were all of us giving into their requirements in many ways. Once you think about it, it is quite shocking: