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PR vs PPP: who is winning the war?

I started writing this story just before the recent updates began on August 24th or thereabouts… Some facts have since changed (eg. my PR is now ZERO again!) This is a bit of a ramble because I’m tired. But then this issue has been around for months, and never seems to subside: PPP vs. PR – Why PPP… Read More »

Is Alexa a REALRANK? Well, it tracks traffic but…

With the PR Nuke Out still on, Izea finally launched this week, and I’ve already got my stats working . In fact, I’m lucky as I have stats running back to late November last year! So I get quite a head start… Still, a lot of questions remain unanswered…. I’m hoping this series of post will help to… Read More »

RealRank: a ‘real’ alternative to PageRank?

Many of the Payperpost bloggers are now shouting about their REALRankings that went live today. In fact, I was quite pleased to get my ranking at 877 (less is better)… I’ve enclosed the edited graphic to show what it looks like in my screen.

The Smart Way to check your Page Rank

Page Rank is now quite a sought after asset for your website or blog. Its importance is still hotly debated, but its economic significance for some websites is no longer disputed. A higher page rank can translate into much higher income generation for websites, through selling text links, ad sales, affiliate sales, and so on. Most webmasters used… Read More »