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Selling a house: Would you take a 100% profit?

This recent story on the Guardian Newspaper website caught my eye about negative equity. Virginia Wallis responds to a Q&A from ‘KJ’ who writes about her worries about negative equity, and unfortunately underlines the problems that house purchasers face in a bullish market that turns negative. Unfortunately the writer’s response isn’t that helpful or accurate… Go and read… Read More »

The DEAL – Would you buy an extra car parking space?

I was emptying the mail at school today, when I picked up a flyer that had a picture of a car on the front. I scanned the Chinese, immediately noting that they were offering parking lots for sale in our building. So I began to wonder if it’s a good way or not to make a little extra… Read More »

Buying a house: saving for the deposit? It does have advantages…!

With the advent of 100%+ mortgages, borrowers these days find it easy to borrow the money they need to buy the house they want. It didn’t always use to be that way. In fact, up until the recent credit boom, borrowers were required to pay a deposit on the house from their own savings. In fact, in Taiwan,… Read More »

Refinancing Your Home: Keep your head on!

I have a mortgage refinance story to share with you guys. One that involves a certain levelheadedness to show that refinancing CAN work, but you have to be cautious. We lived in an area where we had purchased property about 7 years ago. Prices were in the toilet at the time, but soon they they went further down,… Read More »

Assets vs. Liabilities

A reprise of Rich Dad Poor Dad. There has been much discussion of the authenticity of RDPD’s and the background of the author. You can read about that at other blogs: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Liar Dad, Thief.  However, one criticism of the book is below along with my own interpretation of RDPD’s theories. Jeff writes – “You… Read More »