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Summer Doldrums or Summer Glee?

The key to solid investing sounds quite simple in theory, but it is incredibly difficult to do in reality. The overall goal for investors is to find a stock that has a low value, buy it, wait for the value to rise, and then sell it to make a profit. In that one sentence, you get the entire… Read More »

What is PanopticonAsia.com?

Panopticonasia.com is small online publishing company. We specialize in two areas that are of interest. The first is providing facilities for online academic journals; the second focus is creating unique blogs for individuals. Although we don’t have a specifically Asian focus, you’ll find that many of the website we’re involved with do have an Asian flavor, with their… Read More »

Suzuki Swift VVT: 1.6L of small car comfort

Suzuki, for me, was always associated with the manufacture of motorcycles and small trucks. But in the last few years, Suzuki has manufactured an interesting range of small engined vehicles appropriate for crowded roads in Taiwan and Japan. First there was the Jimny, then the Swift, and now a car that I really like: The Swift VVT. It… Read More »