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Current Holdings: October 13th, 2008 – Another Piece of the Puzzle

Well, the market is back up today (but with the poor performance of the economy, it’s going to be a couple of months before we know the after effects), and in the interests of ‘coming clean’, I’ve decided to reveal what my current stock holdings are. And when it was done, I was staggered how much the portfolio… Read More »

Credit Card Post: September 2008 – Was it a big disaster or not?

After the modest spending of the last few months, I was greeted by a mighty thwack with September’s Bill. The damage was nearly NT$80,000! So what happened? How could it be so high? Actually, most credit card statements tell a story: this was no exception. It’s a story of three parts. Part 1: The business We’ve been on… Read More »

2 Years Online: An anniversary for nearly $12000 extra income

I promised that I would be switching to cash accounting rather than counting each penny as I earned it. But then I realized that I’d be making the switch mid-year and in some cases I would be double counting some income, creating a false total. Then in August, the changes that I had been planning for the blog… Read More »

June Income Report on InvestorBlogger Dot Com

It’s July 1st, we’ve reached the half-way through the year, and the stockmarkets are in a dive, ad revenues are falling, and oil is way up! How are we doing on InvestorBlogger? Well, in some ways it’s a very mixed bag.. here goes… Background In June, as many of you know, I spent nearly a week re-arranging the… Read More »

InvestorBlogger’s March 2008 Income Report

It’s been a bit delayed, but this post is detailing March’s Income Report. Like many bloggers, I have a number of online income sources that support this blog, but I also try to keep a number of offline sources as a way to spread the risk. January 2008 was a stellar month, February settled back somewhat, but March… Read More »

Weather Report: Another Dry Spell!

Seems like the last few days I’ve been going through a dry spell! I just noticed I posted two quotations back to back, something that I never do. But yesterday I found that I had! As you can see in the jpeg, I have a lot of ideas for posts that I never get around to writing! I… Read More »

Assets vs. Liabilities

A reprise of Rich Dad Poor Dad. There has been much discussion of the authenticity of RDPD’s and the background of the author. You can read about that at other blogs: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Liar Dad, Thief.  However, one criticism of the book is below along with my own interpretation of RDPD’s theories. Jeff writes – “You… Read More »

Should I go back to work?

What do my readers think? Should I go back to work or keep working on my business? Our school is now not really able to pay me much of a salary, because of the lack of profits in the coming six months. We’re facing a cash shortfall at home as well in the short term, because both of… Read More »