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Advice Column: Your House Is Not YOUR ATM Machine

Judging by the number of posts that I have done on issues like secured loans, secondary mortgages, refinanced house loans, homeowner loans, etc.., you could be forgiven for mistaking that I wholeheartedly support them. But I do not. It really depends on who is borrowing, how much they are borrowing, what they are paying, why they need the… Read More »

NetLoans.co.uk: Polished, Pretty and (a little) imPersonal

The world of online lending gets more and more crowded every day as new entrants to the market increasingly raise the bar of what is expected from an online lending site. The latest review from InvestorBlogger is for a company called NetLoans whose tag line is “Homeowner loans lowest ever rates on our any purpose secured loans!” NetLoans… Read More »