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Citigroup – is it sleeping now (NYSE: C)

This is the sixth installment of my look at the Dow Jones Companies, the thirty finest American companies. Today we’ll be looking at Citigroup. This company is now trading somewhat in the doldrums due to the rather tricky credit crunch. Having already looked at JP Morgan, many banks are under pressure, underwater, could this be the right time… Read More »

Purchase Order: 10 DIA at 105.14

Just a quick note: I purchased 10 shares of DIA at 105.14 or thereabouts this afternoon. I had originally owned this stock (ETF) about three years ago, and regretted selling it. I was finally able to buy the shares back cheaper than I sold them. Of course, I lost out on the dividends on the intervening years totalling… Read More »

Should I have stuck with those old stocks…? Let’s See.

Just occasionally in the heat of compulsive decision making, one loses the grand perspective! Really. In 1998, I started trading in the US stock market, I still remember the trepidation and fear that accompanied my first online stock purchases. In those days, I was a Motley Fool reader and bought some suggested stocks based on their ideas. It… Read More »