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Is your bank book your financial statement?

Christine was in my office today. She picked up our bankbook and was looking at it. Of course, she wanted to know how much was in the bank. That’s when I realized how many people just look at their bankbook or their account statement to figure out their financial situation. This is perhaps at best an inadequate view… Read More »

NetLoans.co.uk: Polished, Pretty and (a little) imPersonal

The world of online lending gets more and more crowded every day as new entrants to the market increasingly raise the bar of what is expected from an online lending site. The latest review from InvestorBlogger is for a company called NetLoans whose tag line is “Homeowner loans lowest ever rates on our any purpose secured loans!” NetLoans… Read More »

Are you a credit card slave? Part 4

In this series, I’m looking at our changing attitudes to money, and answer the simple question: are we all credit card slaves now? Part 1 was entitled Where did our attitudes to money come from?. Part 2 is Credit Cards, Bank Accounts and Salaries. Part 3 was The Credit Card Cascade and the Madness of Spending. This is… Read More »

JoelMaxwell: The Fall and Rise of Success?

I recently found this incredible story of how a regular guy got $556,000 (archived only) in debt. I was intrigued that this was so easy for him to do. The original blog is now missing, and the story is now unavailable at JoelMaxwell.com It intrigues me that our societies now treat debt so lightly and make it so easy… Read More »