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6 reasons NOT to buy an iPhone: They are expensive, crippled and outdated

With all the hoopla surrounding the Apple Iphone 3G, I took a look at the device which is available in Taiwan through Chunghwa Telephone company. But I was seriously dismayed and opted for my Nokia for a number of good reasons. The Apple iPhone promises so much in terms of customer benefits that I was surprised how poorly… Read More »

Panasonic, Prada and Perspectives: Change isn’t that hard, is it?

Flower shopping: a whole new world view!  Just yesterday, I went with Christine to a flower market in Taipei. This is something I normally hate doing, but this time something twigged: I may not appreciate the enjoyment and satisfaction she has from growing and keeping plants, but I could enjoy another aspect that I already knew about –… Read More »

Working hard? Take a break or just a change of office space!

The InvestorBlogger would love a change of pace, and a change of space! And if he didn’t have his own place of business, the life of an itinerant blogger might be just thing. Just imagine the places he could go… perhaps even taking a Caribbean cruise on the Queen Mary 2. Of course, the trick with a cruise… Read More »

Name Your Price: Webhosting for those without deep pockets

Well, I never heard of a ‘Name Your Price’ Web hosting. So I decided to try it out and see what the buzz was about. I went to their webpage where they had a “Name Your Price” form, filled it out and sent it off. I decided to go for a quotation rather than offer them something, and… Read More »