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Whats The Purpose Of The Stock Market For Businesses, As Well As The Average Investor?

The purpose of the stock market is for both companies and investors to make money. Starting and running a company requires cash. there are many ways to get cash. One of them is becoming a publicly traded company and selling a percentage of your ownership. That’s the business side. And it’s a business side that several prominent social… Read More »

So, Why Buy Stocks? For Today As Well As Tomorrow

Why buy stocks? This is an important question. One that I often hear and when you start trading you will hear as well. There are two main reasons. One, to make money. The other, is for the priceless knowledge that you tend to pick up automatically just from trading. To Make Money, Of Course Why buy stocks? Why… Read More »

Two Main But Very Different Places Where To Buy Stocks

There are a few different places where to buy stocks. You must buy your stocks and other securities through a registered broker who works for a registered brokerage house. Stock trading is really easy. Making money with stock trading is not. While stock trading is the main focus of this site, know that you dont have to limit… Read More »

7 Facts To Help You Understand The Stock Market (For Beginners)

1) Origins Of The Stock Market Understanding the stock market for beginners starts with understanding the idea of the stock market. Originally, it came to America with Alexander Hamilton. He quickly spread the idea, with the use of his public status. With that, the idea exploded. The stock market was a way to build up the economy, since it… Read More »