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Learn Successful Real Estate Investment from the Pro’s

There are real estate entrepreneurs who have learned the ropes and developed strategies to make the world of real estate investment profitable. These same entrepreneurs are willing to share their success and knowledge with others. The result is educational packages available through live seminars, books, blogs and websites, similar to what Dean Graziosi offers. Study the Materials The… Read More »

Why I quit Izea, Payperpost and SocialSpark

About two and a bit years ago, I started working for a company that was called PayPerPost. In essence, it was a simple concept: get advertisers to pay bloggers for posts about products and services that interest them. Over the past two years, I blogged on a huge variety of opportunities for PayPerPost (and much less so, SocialSpark).… Read More »

Where to go

This blog is still very much in the startup stage. For current readers, please go to the archives for all of the posts up until August 4th. If you would like, use the search above to search for topics. There are four new sub-blogs, but content isn’t yet published on the new blogs, as I’m setting up the… Read More »

Buzz #11: Obblogatory dot com

I do have a confession to make… I’ve been working on another blog… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to happen. I tried to resist the temptation… but I enjoy that blog, too. Am I too timing you? Am I? No, please don’t look at me that way! You always knew I had other blogs, we never agreed… Read More »

BlogBuzz #5: My Opinion Counts, and a little more…

In 2007, I started doing a few BlogBuzzes for people, and in 2008 I am continuing my BlogBuzz. This is a great way to get your blog seen around the Net, and I get my blog seen on your blog… We all win! We’ve already had a bunch of Buzzes handed out to great bloggers… If you’re still… Read More »

Buzz: Michael Turton’s – The View From Taiwan

The winner from last week’s competition about TaiChung is Michael Turton who guessed correctly that I was taking the picture from the 25th floor of the Splendor Hotel in Taichung. We actually stayed in the more affordable rooms on the other side of the main entrance, but we both like the hotel and the rooms quite a lot,… Read More »

From TYTN to Taiwan: 5 Stories for bloggers and techies

In this post, you’ll read about money making, Asus Eee-PC, Google PR, Hitech and Iphone Knock-offs. To get rich sometimes doesn’t require the smartest of ideas, in fact, NicheGeek describes some ‘stupid’ ideas that have made lots of money. Of course, I’d have to include the Pet Rocks craze as my number 11 on that list! It’s worth… Read More »

Blogging Network: It happened by accident!

It looks like my WordPress network is now growing. I thought I would have just two blogs… in reality, it’s much more like 6.  And so, presenting Kenneth’s Blogging Network (part 1!). Obblogatory Actually, this is the one that started it all. It used to be hosted right here. But then the topics expanded, and the focus became… Read More »

Well, it’s done … blog migration made easy!

I have had an old blog located at http://www.my.investorblogger.com for quite some time. In fact, that was the original blog that was posted here, but when I decided to redo this blog (and blow my PR5 ranking in the process), I moved it the subdomain. It was a move that I deeply regretted for that reason… I didn’t… Read More »