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The World of Investment Banking: Trading, Investing or Managing?

For new and experienced investors alike, the best place to start with managing your money and investing it wisely is by asking investment bankers, who are specifically trained and experienced in the investment world. The insight, experience and technical knowledge they can provide will help turn your investment into a profitable one. What is Investment Banking? Experience investment… Read More »

Shopping: Are retailers driving you ‘Potty’?

Retailer’s margins are under pressure these days as prices rise, but incomes stagnate. I know that from my own wallet. Competition is intense and sometimes even the biggest retailers will resort to less than kosher methods to shift their products. You’ve got “One Chance” For those of you who like Paul Potts CD, I just bought the CD… Read More »

Monday News: A Carnival, Tidying Up, Chinese New Year and our 1st Martian Reader

What you’ve missed here… Saturday Bytes: WMV to FLV and FireFox’s Causing Me Frustration Technorati: Why you should bother, how you do it, and the ‘dark side’ NetWork Solutions: How YOU can gouge your customers in 10 steps or less – a case study and our new Advice Column: Your House Is Not YOUR ATM Machine For the… Read More »

Advice Column: Your House Is Not YOUR ATM Machine

Judging by the number of posts that I have done on issues like secured loans, secondary mortgages, refinanced house loans, homeowner loans, etc.., you could be forgiven for mistaking that I wholeheartedly support them. But I do not. It really depends on who is borrowing, how much they are borrowing, what they are paying, why they need the… Read More »

Friday’s Reading: Four Good Stories for the Weekend

Great Investment Advice This article in San Francisco Magazine called “The Best Investment Advice You’ll Never Get” describes how Index Investing started off, it’s a wonderful insight into the world of mutual funds, fees, and passive investing. San Francisco magazine The best investment advice you’ll never get – page 1 of 3 For 35 years, Bay Area finance… Read More »

Financial Blogs

I’ve been roaming the internet, and discovered that a lot of people are currently using the Internet to help them cure their financial woes, find encouragement and solace, and help plan their financial lives. It’s a really interesting phenomenon that people who would never even tell their best friend how much they make, are now splurging on the… Read More »