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Would you like to earn an extra US$5000? – Check out these great companies that help bloggers earn!

New Year is safely out of the way now… In fact, it’s quite likely that your New Year’s Resolution has already fallen by the wayside. Well, if your resolution was to find ways to make more money, then it’s a safe bet you haven’t even started yet! In fact, the days after New Year have been pretty quiet… Read More »

EeeBlogger: a new focus, new writing, a new style

After years of blogging at my old address, I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. In the five months since I created the Blogging Travails sub-blog at InvestorBlogger Dot Com, I’ve come to realize that it’s been really coming on strong as a blog in its own right. Having a much more focused blog has helped me… Read More »

Nine Tips for Getting Started with Google AdWords: Steve Sutherland’s Suggestions

AdWords is quite a learning curve, but Google breaks it down nicely into chunks with the Starter Edition. When I wrote and told my friend, Steve from AgentsChat, he immediately offered some great advice. In his email, he wrote 9 useful tips to get me started. I’d like to share them with you. Nine Tips for Getting Started… Read More »

Blogging News: Updates on InvestorBlogger Dot Com

My, how things change? Last November, I was railing against Google and telling people to diversity their services… Now I’m finding that things have changed again… A Quick Recap: Switching to WordPress MU I’ve reset some of my categories as sub-blogs (or ‘channels’) on the InvestorBlogger Domain. I found that there were basically three or four types of… Read More »

Tools for Developing Your Blog

  This page takes you through the different products that will get you started on blogging. I’ve used many of them myself, and recommend each of the tools that is currently linked below. Step 1: Getting Started – Basic Reading Blogging To The Bank – This is a popular book that provides a system for encouraging bloggers and… Read More »

Newsbytes: Blog Announcement, WordPress Problems, Money Manager Ex, and Goog Stock Price

Well, this Tuesday’s newbytes brings updates on the latest ongoings on InvestorBlogger dot com. But first some recent stories that you may have missed: Panasonic, Prada and Perspectives: Change isn’t that hard, is it? E-commerce: Why are some sites so unfriendly to customers? Carnival of Making Real Money 9th Edition – January 20th, 2008 Is Alexa a REALRANK?… Read More »

Going to War Against Google’s Hubris: Three Actions You Can Take Today!

The backlash against Google’s Tyranny is growing, and even after two months, there is still a lot of anger and frustration at Google’s actions over “no_follow” and the recent downgrades of blogs. In fact, the recent actions, actions that Google has taken against many websites for problems that are more to do with their own inabilities as a… Read More »

How DID being dependent on GOOGLE change our blogging?

So How DID being dependent on GOOGLE change our blogging? I’ve been pondering this for a few days, and while many of us were reluctant to give into Google’s demands on ‘no_follow’, while they could wave the PR stick over our heads, we were all of us giving into their requirements in many ways. Once you think about it, it is quite shocking:

Adsense: How to cancel your account, and get your money back…

Many bloggers are so disillusioned with the changes in PR ranking and the changes in Adsense. To recap briefly, Google has felled many kinds of blogs PR rankings and Adsense changes are meaning that (in the short term) income is likely to go down even further. Many bloggers are now planning a boycott of Google, including me. The… Read More »