Supplementals Hell: Getting Rid of Multiple Categories

By | June 2, 2007

If you have already fallen victim to Google’s Supplementals Hell, you’ll be scratching your head wondering how to get out of the trap!

Well, when I found out that Google not only scans the main page of your blog, but also the archives, the categories, etc.. and naturally it finds a lot of pages or posts that are the same or surprisingly similar! One easy solution is to cut the number of categories that you put your posts in! I used to publish my posts in 2 or even 3 categories, but of course this would simply increase the number of duplicates found by Google! So now one post – one category! Of course, what do you do with nearly 500 back posts, most of which are double or triple categoried! Well, you have to go back and clean up the mess! And you can use the plugin Post Control to change categories for upto 50 posts a page ! Not so difficult, either.

You may also wish to remove other ways that you can find your posts, such as changing the  permalinks, not allowing posts to be found by date views as well! Keep experimenting! I’m busy doing this, but still no significant change on the Supplementals for me! Still nearly 50% are in the supplementals!
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3 thoughts on “Supplementals Hell: Getting Rid of Multiple Categories

  1. Elizabeth Adams

    Re … Google’s Supplementals Hell … 06/02/07

    Hello, Kenneth …

    This is an unfortunate situation, and it is affecting not only bloggers, but affiliate marketers as well, some of whom have told me that a large percentage of their articles have simply disappeared from view. Since they depend on the visibility of these articles in the search engines for their livelihood, for them it is also a very serious situation.

    But if you truly feel that some of your posts rightfully belong in more than one category on your blog, mightn’t there be some other way of accomplishing that besides re-publishing the entire article there? For instance, is there a likely place in each category where you could have a “see also” section where you could put a link to it? So that at least it’s cross-referenced?

    I notice, for example, that you have a “Recent Posts” section on the right-hand side of your blog that itemizes your recent posts, and also a “Comments” section that itemizes visitors’ comments. Are these “plugins” that populate automatically, or do you have discretionary control over them, such that you could set up a similar section in each category for “see also” cross-referencing purposes?

    Regards, Elizabeth …

  2. kennethdickson Post author


    It’s not that the posts are published twice, it’s just that the cross-linking in blogs allows Google spiders to find the articles more than once in different places. It appears to Google that the article is published more than once, but in fact there is only one article, published once. There are multiple references to it at the same time, so Google’s ‘smart’ spiders think it is multiple posts!

    The recent posts and comments sections are automatic, but you can make your own widget with text and create links that way.


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