Some Weekend Exercise: Don’t try this @ Home

Somehow this weekend we ended up getting a lot of fresh air. On Saturday, we walked around the fringes of Zhuwei up mountain roads, along past farms, through a University campus, stopped for a nice meal, and took a subway train home! It’s kind of our monthly ritual these days…

Of course, our saunter in the woods was somewhat less demanding than this gentleman’s effors in the urban woods…

Anyway, let’s go… Those strolls … wow! They really tire you out!

100 2115

Let me take a rest now!

100 1809

You can guess the story on the front cover!

100 1814

A view of Taipei looking up the river early evening.

100 1369

Then on Sunday, we visited the North East Coastal Tourist Areas…

100 1795

This is very near a village called LaoMei in Sanchih/Jingshan area.

100 1317

As usual, Christine is setting the pace.

100 0926

I think she’s saying hurry up!

100 0930

And that’s it for Sunday!

These pictures were taken over a number of walks, and composited together as I stupidly forgot to take my camera! Though composited, they capture nicely the essence of our walks over the weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Some Weekend Exercise: Don’t try this @ Home

  1. Richard McLaughlin

    I live in France and I promise you that we are not all into that urban exercise. Then again, this is the land of the Eiffel Tower – THE thing that every climber has to climb.

    FYI, just the steps nearly killed me!

  2. InvestorBlogger Post author

    It’s odd because Parkour looks so like some of the Asian Kungfu movies, I can’t help but think there is a source of inspiration there for it!

    These guys are quite athletic… wonder how many broken bones they get… Thanks for stopping by.

    We’re getting loads of good wines in our stores these days… what’s a good one for 2008?


  3. Richard McLaughlin

    Parkour is the “safe” version, there was a type that kids did in the mid-90’s that involved rooftops and death. They are fit – and I am fit to watch.

    Not q wine drinker, sorry, no advice for ya.

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