Pixi-Ads: Little Ads – BIG Impressions

By | April 12, 2007

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Want to join my Pixi-ads? It’s a little 25px by 25px ad , you get an image, a link, and a text-on-hover (max. 10 words) message that will say whatever you wish.

This is excellent pricing for a PR4 personal finance blog, with 159K Alexa ranking, both of which are likely to get MUCH better. This provides your blog or site great exposure each and every time someone refreshes the page.

$25 per “?” for 365 days minimum (more days if you buy before #16 is sold) on this blog. Once the Pixi-Ads are complete, it will remain at the top of the blog for a full year.

Payment is via Paypal or E-gold only. To purchase, send the payment. I will contact you asking for

1. the image needed (larger images WILL be scaled to 25px by 25px);
2. the link you wish the image to go to;
3. and any hover-text you might need.

Once received, the ad will be placed within 48 hours. Once placed, you will have 7 days to give it your approval. No refunds after 9 days. Sorry. Inappropriate links/images/text will not be accepted.

Contact me via email ([email protected]).

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