3 Top Reasons to Use Online Stock Brokers

Online trading has exploded over the past couple of decades, since the beginning of companies like Datek Online (remember them?). Its popularity was made by the ease of use, cost of trades, and increasing number of platforms on which you could trade. There are many other reasons why so many people are doing it, but let’s check out what I… Read More »

10 Practical Tips on How to Increase Your Company Profits

Of course, you’d like to increase your company profits. The lessons for creating and increasing an entrepreneur’s profits are pretty much the same as for any company: to be successful, you have to turn a profit. It’s that profit that allows you to expand, improve your products, hire good people, etc. But generating more sales doesn’t just involve selling… Read More »

Register your Company for Online Success

You have successfully blogged as a freelancer for an employer for quite some time. While they drive the Bugattis, you drive you parents up the wall by still living at home, afraid to take the next plunge. If this is not you, however, you are someone who sells out at the crafter’s market every week with your unique… Read More »

Fixed Rate Home Loans Provide Certainty: Newcastle Permanent Building Society Says

If there is one thing that home buyers could use more of, it’s certainty. The financial world is notoriously unsure. Investing money in a business can be a boom or bust proposition. Trying to flip real estate might work well or lead to disaster. Almost everything comes with risk. Should buying a home be risky? Home buying shouldn’t… Read More »

Infographics: Powerful to Use, but Consider Your Audience

Infographics are a powerful way to get your message across, and they are being increasingly use to do so in contexts where quick & effective communication is essential: social websites, presentations, and other more fleeting media environments. However, to be effective a number of factors need to be taken into account: including size of the graphic, the speed… Read More »

HR Outsourcing: Providing Small Businesses With Big-Company Expertise

If you’re running a small business, but one problem small businesses have is hiring. In this article, you will discover how outsourcing your HR can be helpful in getting over one of the biggest hurdles in small business management & expansion. Let’s read on… — It is a well-known fact that when HR functions are outsourced to a… Read More »

Three Blogs Small Business Owners Need to Follow This Year

The Internet is jam-packed with so much information that it can be difficult to find resources that are beneficial to running a small business. With Twitter, Facebook and hundreds of new blogs being published every day, where should small business owners begin?

MBAs in Finance: Leadership Skills, Expertise in your Industry, Career Development

When it comes to today’s job market, you might want to choose a field that has potential. Not only should your career be something you love, it needs to be viable. Being a practical person, you have to find a field where there is a high demand for employees, one where you will have opportunities for growth. Opportunity… Read More »

Interviewed by Mint.com: Expert Interview with Kenneth Dickson on Investment Basics

Last week Mint.com published an interview they did with me! If you’re interested in learning about Stock, Being an Entrepreneur, or finding out about the current economic situation, you can keep reading my interview… “If you’re new to investing, it can be tempting to panic or celebrate over stock market fluctuations or the never-ending pool of so-called experts… Read More »