Keeping secrets on cell phones may not be so secret – Coos Bay World

Keeping secrets on cell phones may not be so secretCoos Bay World, OR – 26 minutes agoSecondhand phones purchased over the Internet surrendered credit card numbers, banking passwords, business secrets and even evidence of adultery. … Original post by credit card – Google News and software by Elliott Back

JoelMaxwell: The Fall and Rise of Success?

I recently found this incredible story of how a regular guy got $556,000 (archived only) in debt. I was intrigued that this was so easy for him to do. The original blog is now missing, and the story is now unavailable at It intrigues me that our societies now treat debt so lightly and make it so easy… Read More »

Saving Money Online with Digital Coupons, Freebies, and Comparison Shopping

The Internet is a great invention for many different reasons. But, did you know that it can be a great resource for saving you money when shopping? You no longer have to clip coupons out of the Sunday paper; you can find them right at the tip of your fingers just by knowing where to look…! Coupons One… Read More »

Understanding the ABC’s of Credit Card Terminology

Stewart Smith writes about common credit card terms that cause confusion. Some people may think of credit cards as just “plastic money” that are there for their every convenience. What most people do not realize is that if you keep thinking that your credit card will let you get your way when it comes to “financial freedom”, well… Read More »

DELL: A Chance for Capital Appreciation?

I’d be very disinclined to buy Dell now. I’ve seen it ride up and down between 30 and 45 two or three times. I don’t see much opportunity for growth there, unfortunately in the short term. Though recently it’s been looking frothy again. Here’s another view: Today’s Issue of Steve Sjuggerud’s DailyWealth Why I’m Not Buying Dell by… Read More »

Business Management

I have a very stubborn friend that reckons his biz idea – lets call it X – is a sure thing he has little biz sense but is super keen, he has done no research on investment amount, demographics, market size, pricing etc etc. he simply thinks its a good idea I have three or four things to say… Read More »