It took 12 months, but I earned $5000…

By | August 23, 2007

I was checking my personal finances this past evening when I noticed that my total income since last August 26th had reached $5,000! While some people make more than that in one month, I was pleased because that amount was despite quite a difficult year in my business, and despite the time constraints placed on my involvement in this blogging endeavor.

Ok, how does the amount breakdown. Well, my blog generated a total of $2,501 through links, posts, and other deals that were offered; my stocks brought in about $1,031 again during a difficult year; hosting brought in approximately $530 from clients; my bank account generated about $187 in interest payments (in a low interest environment averaging 2%); and my business generated several sources of income – interest on an outstanding loan, and profits for last year, which totaled $751.

Overall, this income was generated from five different sources, though I’m well away from my goal of earning $1500 (approx. 27% of my target!), and increasing the number of sources of income (only 50% of the total!). It’s a tremendous achievement in its own way, but as things stand, there are a considerable number of avenues to explore.

Though I have done this much, I wonder what is ahead. Where can I go from here? Options that I am exploring are:

  • Linkworth’s system of advertising for the blog, as a supplement or even replacement for my other text link sales;
  • I no longer use Blogitive, Blogvertiser or Smorty. I’ve considered giving up on Payperpost and on Sponsored Reviews, too. Mostly because payments are low, and getting lower, while opps are getting much more demanding. It’s not that I’m afraid to do demanding opps. It’s just I’d rather write a great post for myself than for $5. So I’m considering going solo soon, but we’ll see;
  • I’m also looking at expanding my blogs and creating a mini-network. It will require much more time and effort to maintain these, but there is good potential for extra income;
  • and I’m looking at offline opportunities, too, after being considerably inspired by GeniusTypes’ blog and success with candy machines.

There are always going to be opportunities out there for observant and wily entrepreneurial types to make some additional or even residual income; the challenge is finding the opportunities. Often the opportunities are hardly labeled as such. Often on the Internet, you’ll come across great and wonderful websites promising you the earth and the heavens, too, if you buy their system. Too often it’s pie in the sky. Great opportunities are more likely covered in crap: the English have a saying “Where there’s muck (dirt), there’s brass.”

Perhaps this blogging adventure has been as much about increasing my own awareness of being ‘entrepreneurial’ as it was about creating/finding entrepreneurial opportunities. Some of the money I made this year was from seeds planted much longer ago than last August. Let’s see what I can plant or harvest in the second year of blogging.

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14 thoughts on “It took 12 months, but I earned $5000…

  1. Elena

    You’re not kidding about a lot of demands for $5.00. I did the Doggy Diarrhea op. For $5.00 bucks they wanted 300 words. I kid you not; 300 words about dog poo. I think I got around that quite creatively and got the $5.00 but at the time I thought it was sort of a ridiculous requirement.

  2. Kenneth Post author

    With the recent PR drop and segmentation, and my own criteria for blogging (including disclosing), I found a total of 0 opps in PPP that I wanted to take.

    Oh, well.

  3. webduck

    I was interested to read your comments about how much you have made (or not) in certain arenas like PPP and others. I began writing for PPP in Jan of this year and have made only $1400. But, my blog(s) were new and it took a while to get PR. Then, the bottom dropped out of the PR for them and I am now asking myself if this is what I really want to do. Sometimes, it is like a checklist of challenges, and as I conquer or learn them, I move on. Maybe I have blogging ADD? LOL

  4. InvestorBlogger

    Yes, actually your figure is quite similar to my PPP figure… But I have always sought to create many sources of income, both via the blog and externally. It’s not putting all the proverbial eggs in one basket…

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