How do you spend it? Busted PC, that’s one way!

Well, in a recent post, I was wondering what to do with some of the money that I earned from my blog over the last nine months. Unfortunately, I found one way that was unintended.

I was using my ‘puter to do some video editing. This morning I took my PC to have some additional equipment added to make the task quicker and easier, as well as provide a more sensible way to back up my files. I ordered up three things: a DVD rewriter, extra Ram, and a new video card. The store is normally super efficient with these kinds of order, but when I went back later. They told me that ‘perhaps’ the motherboard was broken. Yikes! In addition, there was no space for additional RAM.
I’ve still to confirm with them what I want to do, so I’m collecting my thoughts.  But it looks like I will need a new mother board, processor, ram… basically a whole new system, once I add the extra stuff.

Geez. I hadn’t expected that. I had intended to spend about $120, but it looks like it could be much more than that! Fortunately, these days I have another PC and my wife’s notebook, so I’m overendowed as it were with processing power. I can still blog regularly, I’m just hoping that the store don’t erase my data!

Anyone suggestions on a good quality motherboard I can get?

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3 thoughts on “How do you spend it? Busted PC, that’s one way!

  1. kennethdickson Post author

    Ok. Here’s a pc update: It needs a brand new motherboard, new video card, new DVD burner, original HD is fine, upgraded memory. Once it’s done, it’s virtually a brand new pc…

    Oh, well.


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