Guess the picture: Where in Taiwan?

Updated: Competition – Win a FREE Review!

This snap was taken from outside the window of a building in Taichung City. Can you guess which floor it was taken from? The answer lies between 1st and 101st. Guess correctly, and I’ll publish on InvestorBlogger dot com a full review of your website within 7 days. Answers by Sunday 12pm (New York Time) in the comments or via the contact form!


I will reveal more about my trip to Central Taiwan this weekend! I look forward to sharing some of the photos and stuff that we discovered there.

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18 thoughts on “Guess the picture: Where in Taiwan?

  1. Michael Turton

    I’d say you were on or about floor 25. Nice shot, shows the tree-lined avenue perfectly.

    More importantly, how come you didn’t drop me a line! I would have been glad to come to say hello.


  2. InvestorBlogger


    How nice to hear from you… Yes, sorry! We didn’t intend to stay in Taichung, but our guest house in Miaoli was all booked up, so we kept on driving…! Ended up by accident there by accident!

    Will be dropping by again soon… to escape the C O L D weather in Tamsui… BTW, thanks for the guess!

    You’re entered in the competition.


  3. Michelle

    Well I can tell you are obviously not on a lower floor as you are looking down on the city not up. and the building closes to you looks to be about 15 to 20 floors high so you are high than that. So if I where to guess you are between 30 and 50 floors high. I will say 48th floor!

    I know I’m alil late in replying but heh still give it a shot..

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