EeeBlogger: a new focus, new writing, a new style

By | December 2, 2008

After years of blogging at my old address, I’ve decided that it’s time for a change. In the five months since I created the Blogging Travails sub-blog at InvestorBlogger Dot Com, I’ve come to realize that it’s been really coming on strong as a blog in its own right.

Having a much more focused blog has helped me to concentrate my writing on blogging, making money online, and marketing. As such, I am setting up a whole new blog at this address:

Welcome to my new blog EeeBlogger Dot Com, where I will attempt to take on these three might topics more fully, as well as much more.

The Network

It’s apparent to me that I’m now firmly in front of a large network of sites that range from Education to Photography to Finance.

PanopticonAsia Blog Network

PanopticonAsia Blog Network

While my relationship with each of these sites/blogs is quite different, in fact some of them are customer blogs, it’s fascinating that since establishing my first website I’ve gone onto create over 18 different sites (including this one).

Many of the sites are now using WordPress in its latest incarnation (2.6.5) and the installs are a pleasure to use. Unfortunately, there’s no automated way to set up the standard defaults that I suggested earlier in 30 Install Tips. But at the very least updating plugins and removing unnecessary ones has become much easier than ever.

EeeBlogger Dot Com

InvestorBlogger made several mistakes that impacted its performance over the past few years; one of which was an irregular posting schedule – sometimes I’d post 4 a day; sometimes none for weeks; I got caught short by the Google RankSpank in November of 2007 with a pagerank that has stagnated there despite an ever increasing depth and range of backlinks; InvestorBlogger also had an unclear niche that encompassed too many different kinds of topics, making it difficult to retain readers and keep up visit times – it was only after setting up the sub-blogs, I saw that my more focused approach resulted in much better retention rates, visitor satisfaction, and quality of clickthroughs.

Posting Schedule and Content

The posting schedule is going to be quite simple. One long and detailed post each week, posted on Tuesday around lunchtime. The topics are included as above, but the author will feel free to explore related (and sometimes unrelated) issues as well. I will consider adding more posts later, but don’t expect anything yet. Once a week on Tuesday pm. That’s it. The archives are all from the Blogging Travails blog and are posted here (and there) to provide you with a backdrop to my current situation.

Whither Google?

I’m glad to see that Google is now also suffering for its own hubris, it’s no accident that Google’s stock reach its heighest point just shortly before the Rank Spank. In recent months, some easing of Google’s position has taken place; but Google really damaged itself as a reputable source of information… one that it has not recovered from. In fact, John Chow’s omission from Google’s index for searches for his own name highlights the ongoing partisanship that Google displays.

I will however be following a different path with EeeBlogger and its siblings than before. I have not kowtowed to Google on InvestorBlogger, but I would like to explore a different path to making money online than the one I pursued at InvestorBlogger Dot Com.

AdSense, PayPerPost and TLA

Of Adsense

It’s unlikely at this time that I will be using Adsense on this blog simply because I’m winding down my account. Once my account is inactive, I’ll be selectively adding AdSense to make sure that my AdSense doesn’t get such poor click throughs or pricing. In fact, I’ve been getting many false positives that I never see a dime for, my click through has been very poor over the course of my account (0.5% in total), and the CPC has been a little over 25c per click. But I know that the number of clicks is vastly undercounted. I’m hoping that more selective use of Adsense on my sites might help me avoid being smartpriced. My first indications of more selective use have helped to increase AdSense returns, though.


In the same breath as PayPerPost, I’ll be including SocialSpark. In fact, I’m planning to publish a review of these Paid Posting Sites next Monday (Stay Tuned!). I’m not planning to use any paid blogging on this site at all. The rates and availability of such posts are just not worth it any more. And the hypocrisy of many of the main actors in the blogging scene is just frightful. PayPerPost drops blogs that don’t meet its strict requirements (despite those requirements resulting in poor or no-PR), refuses to allow no-follow on its primary site as a default, and promises (but fails to deliver) that it will overhaul their PR ranked system in PPP. That was more than 16 months ago. Todate, nothing has changed. SocialSpark started out as a promising alternative, but I now only use it as a convenient way to maintain objective stats for my blogs. I haven’t had a successful deal in several months. The posting schedule on this blog would make it irrelevant for PPP as I’d have to post at least every three and a half days – and that’s not going to happen!

Text Link Ads

TLA has had the most successful program that I’ve been involved in, out of these three. The money has come in consistently for months and been increasing until the latest downturn in the market. I’m not sure where it will go from here, but I’ve been very surprised at the success of the TLA program since I started using it in October 2006. Be warned: TLA can seriously impact your PR ranking, if Google catches you. I’m not currently enrolled in TLA for this site at all, and it remains to be seen whether this site will be a suitable candidate for TLA. I’ve had several sites enrolled but only one site managed to become a regular candidate for advertisers. The others were a total flop. It’s unlikely that I will bother.

Recommendations – Text Link Ads is one of my most successful income streams for one of my blogs. Only one! Remember that.

A different blog: A different focus

For those blogs in the network, I’ve noted how each has developed and grown in its own direction. Some sites are hosted as clients sites, some are personal blogs, some make money from paid blogging, some make money from TLA, some make money from advertisers, some don’t make any money. Some attract large but loose audiences, some narrow and motivated readers.

Each blog seems to be different in its audience, and that is the most interesting aspect. I didn’t intend to set up so many different sites or monetize in so many disparate ways: but somehow this is turning into a strength. Strength in variety.

News on a different front – Google Friends Connect

And just in: I’ve been whitelisted to use Google Friends Connect so here goes. I’ll focus on just using this blog alone.

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