Calling All Taiwan Bloggers

I’ve decided to see if I can’t get a small group of bloggers together initially in Taipei one Saturday afternoon to discuss blogging and make some connections…

I’m planning to make this a regular thing with a chance to socialise, present topics and discuss issues related to blogging (it’s going to be relaxed and informative, I hope!) such as writing, blogging, software, hardware, marketing, photography, business side of things, techniques, tips, social chinwag, etc…

I’m looking at the Saturday 29th in the afternoon… Anyone interested? If so, please add your name to this thread or contact me. I’ll gladly create a mailing list, and set up a presentation or two (anyone interested in talking about their blog?)… I don’t have a venue yet (and that depends on how many are interested…)

So let’s see … Sign Up on this form! Once there are enough replies, I’ll create a formal notice using MeetUp. But I’d rather start small … (I’m not wildly ambitious, really)! :whistle:


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5 thoughts on “Calling All Taiwan Bloggers

  1. Michael Turton

    Ken, that was Jerome’s group. They meet on Sat morn, but do politics. I’m trying to arrange a large get together this spring in Taichung.


  2. cfimages

    If you could delay it a week or so, I could probably get a few others interested. I’ll get in touch with a few people, but some have young families so may need more than 3 days notice.

  3. Fili


    I think most blogger would be happy for a meeting, but the way you’re going about it seems a bit wrong. I live in Tainan and I usually have plans for the upcoming weekend or two. Giving us enough time in advance, contacting some of the main bloggers to discuss this and offering to arrange whatever needs to be arranged might allow/encourage more bloggers to participate. I have a feeling most of the Taiwan English blogosphere doesn’t know you (no interlinking/blogrolling).

    Once you have things figured out, when, how, where and all that, I’m sure a few bloggers – like myself – would be happy to blog about this or atleast invite their blogger friends.

    Good luck,

  4. InvestorBlogger

    Thanks, Craig. Yes, I will hold off then… I was surprised that there was so much silence when I first announced it on Forumosa about 10 days ago… So I think I need to put a little meat on the bone. I’ll be in touch.


    Thanks for your interest, appreciate your support. I was intending to get a smallish group going on a regular basis before announcing it more generally. It’s better to get it a little wrong at the beginning than do nothing!


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